Quick Tip: Adding drivers using PnPutil

2019-04-25 • One minute to read

[Last Reviewed: 2019-04-24]

If you’re like me, one the first things you do when you get a new device is wipe and reload it. OEMs have gotten better about the amount of value added software they preload on machines these days, but I still prefer starting fresh and building on top of that.

If you happen to purchase a device that also has a driver package available, we can use this to our advantage! Here’s how:

Step 1: Download the driver package


Download your driver CAB from Driver Packs for Enterprise Client OS Deployment

Extract your CAB using expand.exe driverpack.cab -F:* .\destination-path


Download and extract your driver package from Driver Packs – HP Client Management Solutions

Step 2: Install the drivers

PnPutil is a built-in application to add drivers to the currently-running OS. Previously one could use pnputil.exe in conjunction with forfiles.exe to install drivers recursively, but now this functionality is included with the /subdirs switch! Run the following at the root level of your extracted driver package:

pnputil.exe /add-driver *.inf /subdirs /install

PnPutil will find and install all the drivers it can to the OS that’s currently running. Reboot when it’s done and you’ll be ready to proceed with awesomeness!


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